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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, perhaps a middle eastern government, has attacked web sites on critical infrastructure in the united states. >> reporter: so far the hackers have not been able to steal any money, or disrupt financial markets. authorities in the race against time to stop them before something worse happens g they can move money around and cause financial chaos. >> reporter: today the u.s. government is actively working to locate and block the massive attack. it appear as covert cyber war is fully engaged. >>> in the case of a stolen puppy, earlier this week a couple walked in to the animal rescue foundation and spent time playing with this guy, mango, several minutes later the couple walked out with mango tucked in a pocket. someone called the foundation, said they had mango and wanted to return him. the caller wasn't the person who stole him and didn't want the $1000 reward. the foundation says though it's had a bad couple of days they hope good can come of this. >> as horrible as it has been. people found out about our organization and rescues in general. >> another good thing that came out of this
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. government agencies don't do that. you can tell the ssa no changes can be made to your account unless you appear in person with an i.d. to find out how to do that, just log on to our website, joce sterman. abc2 news. >> call the inspector general. you can find the number on our website. >>> tonight's health alert. if you are eating healthy and still not losing weight, portion sizes may be the blame. sizes matter when it comes to your food. doctors say there are some tricks. >> take little sandwich bags and portion out all the portions ahead of time and put them in a shoe box in your pantry. just seeing how much a portion is rather than mindlessly picking at the bag affects it. >> using smaller plates is a good way. studies show the bigger the plairkts the more food you're going to put on it and try eating slower by slowing down. it gives your stomach a chance to tell the brain it's full. >> we've been taking house calls as we think pink for the month of october, breast cancer awareness. the doctor has been gracious enough to answer some of our phone calls. tell
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to children. . >>> the health alert. the government taking a deadly meningitis outbreak, including one case in our state. in is a fungus, can't be transferred person to person. we got in touch with a medical editor to explain the symptoms. >> people, the things to watch for, high fever, bad headache, stiff neck, pain when you look at a bright light. >> all of the victims got steriod shots for back pain. nationwide five people have died. 30 got sick. >> listen to this. if you are someone who believes in luck and fate it could mean bad things for you. people who believe in them normally lead unhealthier lifestyles. they say it could be a problem if you don't take your health into your own hands. >> luck is a falacy. we can't really prove that luck exists. we can prove that our brains are moldable. they can be changed, they get changed through hard effort and practice. >> researchers say you shouldn't leave your health up to luck and developing a healthy lifestyle will pay off in the long run. this is the hot topic tonight. we want to know what you think about this one. do you believe in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3